Faculty Borrowing

A number of PALCI libraries have agreed to extend free reciprocal borrowing privileges to each other's faculty so they may have direct, personal access to materials that are not available at their home institutions.

If your institution participates in this program, you may be eligible to borrow materials on-site from the libraries listed below. To borrow materials from these libraries you must: 

  Get an authorization form signed by the circulation department at your home institution's library.

  Bring the completed and signed authorization form to another participating library.

  Supply any additional information requested by this other library to complete the registration process.

The library will then establish a record for you in their system allowing you to borrow their materials.

Other important points:

  • You will be responsible for returning materials to the library from which they were borrowed. Your home institution's library may or may not agree to return items to the lending library through interlibrary loan. Please check with your home library to find out its policies.
  • You will be financially responsible for the items you borrow.
  • Each participating library sets its own policies. Listed below is general information about those policies. Upon request, the lending libraries should supply  you with the details of their policies when you borrow materials from them.

Download Faculty Borrow Form

Participating Libraries and Their Policies